Hearing God: 7 Ways to Listen Better, Hear More, and Get Stronger in the Faith


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Do you long to hear the voice of God? Do you sometimes wish you had a closer relationship with him? Our book will tell you how to draw near, right away.

Do you sometimes wonder if God is ever going to speak to you? Do you want to spend time with Him, but you aren’t sure how? If so, grab this book right now. God is already speaking to you, and with this easy-to-follow guide you’ll begin to hear Him.

Change your spiritual habits into a deeper, meaningful walk with God. Fine-tune your prayer life, study the way you read Scripture, and try out unfamiliar methods like meditating on the Word, journaling, or a nightly self-examination. Gain clarity about your own state of holiness and humility.

In Chapter one, we find your own personal space to meet with God, and learn to make it sacred. Chapter two focuses on prayer as a routine, in case yours needs a brush-up. Chapter three introduces the spiritual disciplines, or practices. Chapter 4-7 allow the reader to try out several spiritual practices, each for one week at a time: Self-examination, journaling, study and memorization of Scripture, and listening with your heart. In Chapter eight, you will examine who you are in Christ and cloak yourself in humility and holiness.

Hearing God is about making time in your life to discover God’s intentions, but more importantly it helps you find true intimacy with Him. This interactive workbook is short, but packed with a powerful message. It is perfect for individual use or as an 8-week group study. Start living your best life by focusing on the things that matter.

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