The Gouldian Finch Handbook

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The most recent book on Gouldians and their care, this 310-page book covers it all. From hand feeding to aviary care, you’re sure to reach for it time after time.

Whether you’re a beginner with finches or you’ve been working with them a long time, this book is for you. It’s the A to Z of Gouldians – including everything you want to know, like:

  • How to keep Gouldians in TOP condition
  • What kind of cage suits their needs and won’t break your wallet
  • What diet will keep your bird healthiest
  • How to breed Gouldians successfully, even if you never have before
  • Recognizing and dealing with illness, egg binding, and injuries
  • How to hand-feed baby birds effectively
  • What other birds are compatible with Gouldians
  • All about genetics and the Gouldian finch
  • What one illness is most prevalent and how to prevent it
  • Preventive care for finches
  • Best online sources for healthy foods

And at 310 pages, there’s lots more!

Available in both paperback and eBook. This listing is for the paperback version.

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